Dota 2: 7.20 impressions on the item changes
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  Previously, FOX Sports Asia has shared its insights about the Ability reworks of several Heroes in the latest Dota 2 7.20 update.

  Now, here are some thoughts about the item changes.

  Movement speed bonuses

  With certain items providing flat bonuses and some having percentage-based ones, while certain Heroes get bonuses from abilities and talents, either flat or percent, there seemed to be inconsistencies.

  For uniformity, percentage-based movement is now implemented on all items that provide such.

  While it may impair the movement speed of most Heroes early game, it is entirely a different story on the latter stages.

  Phase Boots

  Generally, Power 必发88官网 Treads is preferred over this item, primarily because of the so-called “tread-switching” which can be efficient for most Heroes, as well as a respectable boost for carries.

  Phase Boots’ latest update, however, is between being favorable or not. It now passively provides phased movement whenever one is pursuing an enemy, granting higher chances of successfully chasing. But what if a much-needed escape and juke is needed, now that it would not provide bonuses when not trying to attack.

  The components were also updated, now needed a Chainmail and Gloves of Haste, which is a weird combination.

  Power Treads

  Power Treads now have Blades of Attack as component, instead of the Gloves of Haste that is now part of Phase Boots.

  This provides more right clicking power for carries, especially that the attribute bonus was raised by two points, at the expense of some attack speed.

  In the long run, this will still be the better boots, if not Boots of Travel late game.

  Tranquil Boots

  There are instances when supports have to drop their Tranquil Boots on the ground, if not in the Backpack, during pulls just so they would not lose the bonuses. When trying to deny from the backlines, the same happens. This can be time-consuming for them since little actions have big “cost.”

  Now, Tranquil Boots do not get disabled when doing so, alleviating this item’s buyers of their long-time predicament.

  Take note that attacking towers or receiving attacks still disables it, however.


  The Maim mechanic seemed too early to be “accessible” at a cheap cost, knowing that the Eye of Skadi already slows in the game. In fact, players should resort to the latter instead.

  As a result, Sange was changed to provide Status Resistance, a stat that is so limited yet needs to be more available for users.

  The recipe was lowered again to 650, alongside Yasha, after a time when its price was increased because players tend to rush the item.


  When the item was introduced, players anticipate it as the third weapon of the trio, the other two obviously being Sange and Yasha.

  Even though its price was updated, from 500 to 650, to match its sister items, it can now be fused with either one of them.

  This gives possibilities to Heroes which mainly rely on Abilities yet need the extra tankiness such as Timbersaw or Pudge, or to Agility Heroes that need spell amplification alongside their mobility such as Ember Spirit.

  In the near future, expect that the trio will have a combination, similar to League of Legends’s Trinity Force and Heroes of Newerth’s Dawnbringer.

  Ring of Tarrasque

  First introduced in Artifact, it is quite expected that this item will be ported to Dota 2.

  Small components like this, which provide HP and regenaration, are important for bigger items such as Heart of Tarrasque, especially that it is costly.

  Ring of Tarrasque can also be built into Holy Locket.

  Holy Locket

  This is now the item which amplifies healing and HP regeneration, a feature from Spirit Vessel already removed, which can be helpful for healers such as Omniknight, Oracle, or Dazzle.

  They do not necessarily have to rely on “charges” like before just to they can boost their heals, and Holy Locket can be pretty handy.

  Solar Crest

  There was a time that this item was so popular, especially that it is easy to build, but quite falls off in the late game. The Accuracy it once provided does not really have a major impact.

  There are a lot of instances that Medallion already suffices, outshining this item even it if is its upgrade.

  Now, it was changed to be a more expensive item that alters attack speed, movement speed, and armor, consisting of Medallion, Ultimate Orb, Windlace, and a recipe.

  Perhaps the item will be purchased more now even by the cores themselves, especially that it gives decent stats.


  If there is a Circlet, there must a Crown.

  This is essentially an upgrade which provides 4 to all stats, consuming only one space unlike two Circlets.

  Crown is now the component of items which previously required Bracers, Wraith Bands, or Null Talismans, since those should not be upgraded anyway as early game items that are already “upgraded.”

  Ring of Aquila

  This item has been so popular, even for Strength or Intelligence Heroes. Yet, its cheap cost seemingly give a lot early game.

  As such, it was now removed from the game, joining Iron Talon and Poor Man’s Shield.

  Bracer, Wraith Band, and Null Talisman

  On the previous meta where dual-lanes and one-on-one mid matchups are prevalent, cheap items like these provide the much-needed stats and lane power. Most of the time, players stack these items, similar to what was done in the so-called Dota 1.

  It is only imperative for them not to be upgraded anymore, since the trajectory is for them to be sold mid-game to late-game anyway. Their prices were also increased because they seem to be too easy to acquire.

  As compensation, the stats were increased, and provides unique bonuses depending on the attribute: magic resistance for Bracer, attack speed for Wraith Band, and spell amplification for Null Talisman.

  Spirit Vessel

  Since Holy Locket was already introduced, it would be redundant if this item would still have the healing and regeneration amplification.

  Mind that the healing 必发88 and regeneration reduction still exists, and this still a must-buy against Heroes like Alchemist.


  During the late game, there is no point in gaining “burst” movement from its Flutter, since it already scales well enough that the movement speed of the user tends to be above 400.

  As such, this active was already removed, especially that movement speed items are already percentage-based.

  Force Staff

  With the new Leash mechanic, it is highly beneficial for Heroes like Slark, since the only choice is for its duration to expire.

  Now, Force Staff is able to get an unit out of it, as long as it is from an external source and not the Pounced unit itself.

  Gem of True Sight

  There are times during teamfights that the Gem gets dropped, and players would have a hard time recovering it from the ground or 必发88官网 in the trees.

  A small change which allows it to grant a respectable amount of ground vision and true sight on the area where it was dropped is much needed.

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